Bad Reviews Can Seriously Impact Your Legal Practice

Bad Reviews Can Seriously Impact Your Legal Practice

New clients are used to looking for information online before purchasing a product or service, and reviews have become the new word of mouth. The legal practice is no exception, which is why having a public profile on social networks, as well as good online reviews, is essential for any legal professional.

Positive reviews increase your chances for professional growth, while negative reviews drive potential clients away from your law firm.

According to data published by Navin, 33% of a firm’s new clients start with an online search rather than a recommendation from family or friends. The number is much higher if we consider people seeking legal advice: 96% of them do so online. Not only that, but 86% of them read reviews carefully before making a decision.

Reviews are crucial for your legal practice. How do you think those potential clients will react if you show up in search results with negative reviews? Read more about “how negative reviews affect businesses.”

No one wants a negative review. But sometimes, on rare occasions, they are an opportunity to identify problems in your practice and improve your brand image.

Although you should remove negative reviews, don’t ignore them. Read them carefully and consider the criticism to continue growing. If possible, avoid responding to them and hire professional help to remove them.

Increase your online visibility

Removing negative or fake feedback will improve your general review rating, which will increase your potential clients’ trust. This will translate into a higher click-through rate and higher website traffic, giving you the opportunity to promote your services and experience and convert leads into clients. At the same time, websites with a higher click-through rate and better reviews are favored by search engines such as Google, leading to better rankings and higher visibility. Obtaining better rankings will also allow you to reach a broader market and showcase your positive reviews.

Your competitors take reviews seriously

The average firm spends about 60% of its marketing budget on digital marketing. This means your competitors are constantly looking for new ways to improve their online image, reach more people through social media, and avoid negative reviews in the process.

If you don’t keep an eye on reviews, the negative comments may pile up and potential customers will start looking at your competitors for legal advice. They know that a bad review removal service is invaluable.

What can you do to avoid these problems?

If you use numerous online platforms, such as Google My Business, Yelp, AVVO, Justia, or Facebook, keeping track of everything users say can be complicated. As we mentioned, this is an advantage for your rivals.

Concentrate your efforts on a few networks and claim any public profiles created when someone writes a review to start managing comments. Attorneys need to pay special attention not only to Google My Business, but to specialized directories such as AVVO, Justia and

It is impossible to hide something on the internet. A negative review will not go unnoticed and can come back to you when you least expect it. Contact us before it’s too late and your review rating on websites (or worse, your reputation) is compromised. We are specialists in removing comments from different platforms, including Google, Justia, AVVO and, and we can help you achieve the results you need to reach more customers.

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    Three Reasons Why You Should Remove Negative Google Reviews

    Three Reasons Why You Should Remove Negative Google Reviews

    Nowadays, purchasing products or services online is as easy and satisfying as having a cup of coffee in the morning, especially since the advent of COVID-19. This change in the way we shop has led to online reviews becoming the new standard by which consumers judge a brand.

    The problem begins when a business receives unfair negative reviews on platforms like Google My Business. It may be because of an overly aggressive customer or a former employee who wants to ruin the business’s reputation. These bad reviews can turn into lost customers and money, tarnished reputations, and even legal investigations.

    Google is the world’s largest online platform. It’s much more than a search engine: it includes messaging, file management, and online review services. If you don’t start actively managing your online reputation on Google, you’re in trouble.

    1. It’s easy if you hire professional help

    If a single bad review can destroy the reputation of a business, one would expect Google to have some protection against these attacks or at least allow users to remove unfair reviews, but it does not. Google does not allow you to hide or delete negative comments, no matter how unfair, damaging, or defamatory they are. At least, not openly.

    There are completely legal ways to permanently delete a review, but the process is time-consuming and difficult. In addition, the results are not 100% certain, which can be very frustrating. Luckily for you we specialize in bad review removal from Google and other review directories!

    We are so confident in what we do that we don’t charge a penny until the comment has been permanently removed from your profile.

    2. Even removing a single review can boost your online score

    Math doesn’t lie, so we’ll let the data speak for us. Here are some examples based on real experiences:

    A Google My Business profile with 43 reviews in total, of which eight are 1-star and 35 are 5-star, has an average rating of 4.3 stars (rounded from 4.2558). See what happens if we remove some of the Google negative reviews.

    • Removal of Four 1-Star Negative Reviews = 4.6 (4.5897)
    • Removal of Six 1-Star Negative Reviews = 4.8 (4.7838)

    The rating went through the roof to almost 5 stars after removing 6 reviews!

    Do you think that increasing the number of positive reviews will have the same effect as removing negative ones?

    • Addition of Four 1-Star Positive Reviews = 4.3 (4.3191)
    • Addition of Six 1-Star Positive Reviews = 4.3 (4.3469)

    As you can see, the review rating does not move significantly after adding 5-star reviews. In fact, it would require adding many more 5-star reviews (with no additional lower ones) to reach the same result we obtained when removing the reviews in the first scenario:

    • Addition of Thirty-Four 5-Star Positive Reviews = 4.6 (4.5844)
    • Addition of 105 5-Star Positive Reviews = 4.8 (4.7838)

    In short, it takes 105 5-star reviews to achieve the same results as the removal of six 1-star reviews! Removing negative reviews is the most cost-effective way to maintain a good online score. It’s much easier to improve your Google rating by removing negative reviews than to get the required number of perfect ratings to obtain the same result. Not only that, but if you try to achieve the higher rating by adding perfect reviews, the negative and defamatory comments will stay on your profile for everyone to read! These comments can, and will, negatively impact your business.

    At, our removal team has a historical success rate of 70-80% on Google. This means that, for the business in this example, we would be likely to remove six of the eight negative reviews, and boost the Google review rating from 4.3 stars (4.2558) to a 4.8 (4.7838).

    Want to know how the removal of a negative Google review will affect your score? Use our rating calculator!

    3. It also improves your income.

    It sounds incredible, but Harvard Business Review has shown that businesses can increase their revenue by up to 5% for every star in a standard 5-star rating. This is because 97% of today’s consumers analyze a brand’s reviews before purchasing a product or service and it is estimated that one negative review can cause you to lose up to 30 customers on average.

    Taking control of your Google reviews can do a lot for your business. Use the form at the bottom of the page and contact us to start seeing the changes today!

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      Negative Reviews: 6 Factors when Choosing Doctors

      Negative Reviews: 6 Factors when Choosing Doctors

      As a professional, knowing what your potential patients are looking for when they search for a doctor can help you connect with more people, provide better care, and increase patient satisfaction.

      Here are six of the most important factors that influence a patient’s choice of doctor, according to a study conducted by Vitals, one of the nation’s largest online doctor review platforms.

      1. Doctor’s score and reviews

      Let’s be honest, a lot of bad reviews are unfair, and they have serious consequences for professionals and their practices (learn how we can help you remove them). A doctor’s review score is the single most important factor when it comes to what people consider when choosing a physician. If the review score is low, most people will not even take the other factors into consideration. This is why doctors must do their best to get a good rating on online review platforms and increase their chances of being chosen by new clients. If you do not have a high valuation, you will lose many customers. Why? Because users often filter their searches to immediately exclude professionals with a rating of less than 4 stars. Also, some platforms promote the highest rated doctors on the website home page.

      Removing negative reviews can help you significantly improve your average score.

      Remember: Review removal is the undisputed best option. A negative review can cause a review rating to plummet far more quickly than a positive one can raise it. Deleting one review can be equivalent to adding dozens of 5-star reviews, plus it gets rid of the negative or damaging comment. Check our prices!

      2. Being part of a network

      Most people surveyed believe that the most important thing for them is that the doctor is in-network, as this directly affects their ability to accept insurance or not. If you don’t have a contract with an insurance company, it may be time to consider it.

      3. Location

      Although many patients are willing to travel for quality care, most still prefer the convenience of having their trusted doctor nearby. If you plan to change your practice area or are opening a new practice, choose your location carefully!

      4. Attention and bedside manner

      Good bedside manner improves your patients’ experience and helps you reduce errors during the consultation. Having an established protocol of care, incorporating patient information into medical treatment, and modulating your voice are some of the most valued qualities.

      Remember, your patients are likely to visit you at a time of stress and anxiety. Your bedside manner can make a big difference.

      5. Credentials and studies

      A physician with their credentials, professional background, and associations displayed in their profile tends to stand out from the competition. It is a simple way to assure patients that they will receive top-quality care, and they react positively to this.

      Don’t have a profile on doctor review platforms yet? Read our blog and discover the top doctor review sites.

      6. Availability and office hours

      Patients try to avoid losing work hours when scheduling a doctor’s appointment. It is also important for them to know that they have their doctor’s support on holidays or unusual days. Although it is not a factor with a high impact on a patient’s decision, adjusting your office hours can help you reach more patients. However, keep in mind that the more patients you see, the more you expose yourself to the possibility of receiving a negative review, which could affect your online reputation!

      If you have received unfair negative reviews, send us a message and we will gladly remove them for you. We specialize in removing bad reviews from Google, Vitals, Healthgrades, RateMDs, and more. No payment is required until and unless the review is deleted.

      We invite you to watch some of our clients’ testimonials. At RemoveBadReviews, we can help! Contact us today!

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        5 Ways to Build Trust with your Patients During a Video Call

        5 Ways to Build Trust with your Patients During a Video Call

        The world has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and you and your patients will likely face new challenges when it comes to video calls.

        To help you, we have prepared a short list of tips that you can apply to improve the patient experience during the teleconsultation to reduce the possibility of negative feedback and increase the likelihood of a 5-star review.

        1. Watch your posture during the call

        Most human communication is non-verbal. During the call, you must maintain an attentive posture and show that you are paying attention to the patient’s problems. Even if you had a long, tiring day, always project a professional attitude.

        2. Avoid negative emotions

        Like your body, your face can convey a wide range of emotions. Be especially careful not to appear tired or irritated by the stress of the day and try to maintain eye contact with the camera to simulate a face-to-face conversation. Many of the negative online reviews doctors receive are not related to the medical care itself but patient experience and satisfaction. If you can make your patients feel at ease, you will have won half the battle effortlessly.

        3. Subtly mimic your patient

        Have you noticed that people who like each other tend to act similarly? Commonly known as “having good chemistry,” this is nothing more than a socialization mechanism that experts call “mirroring.” Subtly mimicking your patient’s gestures and feelings can help you easily establish rapport. It is a skill that takes practice, but is very effective when mastered.

        4. Summaries and teach-back are still important

        During the call, write down your patient’s questions and concerns. After the call, send your patient an e-mail clarifying some of these. This way, you help them improve treatment recall. Assessing the patient’s understanding is more important than ever, as changes in care method can produce stress. Frequently ask how they feel or what they think about decisions in order to design a plan together and define the next steps.

        5. Be authentic

        We recommend that you regularly practice these tips so that you can leave your nerves behind and be yourself —that’s what makes others feel comfortable with you! Remember: When a patient calls you, they are looking for human warmth. Make sure you give them the quality care that characterizes you as a professional and a person.
        Extra tip. Remove negative reviews.

        Negative review removal can greatly increase a doctor’s average ratings, which can lead to increased reputation and profitability. The highly experienced review removal service provided by can help you build a better online reputation, while avoiding the problems that a misinterpretation of online patient handling regulations could cause. Make sure to check out our blog post about the importance of review removal services for your online reputation.

        An estimated 84% of consumers trust online reviews when choosing a healthcare provider.

        Apply these tips to your care routine and you will immediately notice a positive change in the attitude of your patients. If they feel satisfied with the teleconsultation, it will be much easier for you to avoid a negative review.

        At RemoveBadReviews, we can help you do just that. We specialize in removing negative and fake reviews legitimately and safely from a wide variety of platforms, including Google, Vitals, Healthgrades, RateMDs, RealSelf and more, so you can focus on serving the customers that matter. Contact us!

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          3 Tips to Improve your Vitals Reviews

          3 Tips to Improve your Vitals Reviews

          Vitals is one of the most popular doctor review sites in the world, due to its ease of use and the variety of options it offers to both patients and healthcare professionals. One of its main attractions is the number of search criteria it offers, including allowing patients to search for medical professionals based on the insurance they accept. It also rates doctors based on patient satisfaction, using factors such as ease of making an appointment, wait times, bedside manner, and more.

          Another detail to note is that this platform allows users to write a review even if the doctor is not registered on it. The data is gathered from both public and private sources, such as medical boards, hospitals, surveys, and more. If you are not yet participating on Vitals, it might be time to check to see if there is already a profile waiting for you to claim it!

          Here are some tips to improve your ratings and make the most out of your Vitals profile.

          1. Ask your happy patients to leave an online review

          Reviews are necessary for any brand – even your brand. While asking in person for an online review can be awkward, it can help you create an online reputation or greatly improve your existing online ratings. Wait for the patient to compliment your practice and use the opportunity to tell them about Vitals and how valuable it would be if they shared their ideas on the platform. They will most likely do it. People love sharing their positive experiences with others, after all!

          2. Train your staff to offer better customer service

          Did you know that, according to a study conducted by Vanguard Communications, 96% of the bad online reviews doctors receive are related to poor customer service and not professional malpractice?

          Training your staff to have better communication with patients, to be empathetic and friendly, and to make the process of booking a visit easier will greatly decrease the possibility of getting a bad review from your patients and will do wonders for your Vitals score. Plus, it will help you stand out among other nearby professionals.

          3. Delete offensive or fake reviews

          At first glance, Vitals does not offer any way to hide or delete reviews, however, there is a way to do it, but it is a very complicated process, especially when you have little time to spend on social media. Even patients who wrote an erroneous review cannot easily remove it.

          Reporting a review online for the wrong reasons and not seeing it removed can be frustrating and waste your valuable time. On the other hand, failing to report one that could be removed is a wasted opportunity to bolster your online reputation. At, we specialize in identifying negative reviews that violate Vitals terms and getting them removed, without any consequences to you or your practice.

          If you are trying to remove a review from Vitals contact us today, and start managing your online reputation effectively!

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