The world has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and you and your patients will likely face new challenges when it comes to video calls.

To help you, we have prepared a short list of tips that you can apply to improve the patient experience during the teleconsultation to reduce the possibility of negative feedback and increase the likelihood of a 5-star review.

1. Watch your posture during the call

Most human communication is non-verbal. During the call, you must maintain an attentive posture and show that you are paying attention to the patient’s problems. Even if you had a long, tiring day, always project a professional attitude.

2. Avoid negative emotions

Like your body, your face can convey a wide range of emotions. Be especially careful not to appear tired or irritated by the stress of the day and try to maintain eye contact with the camera to simulate a face-to-face conversation. Many of the negative online reviews doctors receive are not related to the medical care itself but patient experience and satisfaction. If you can make your patients feel at ease, you will have won half the battle effortlessly.

3. Subtly mimic your patient

Have you noticed that people who like each other tend to act similarly? Commonly known as “having good chemistry,” this is nothing more than a socialization mechanism that experts call “mirroring.” Subtly mimicking your patient’s gestures and feelings can help you easily establish rapport. It is a skill that takes practice, but is very effective when mastered.

4. Summaries and teach-back are still important

During the call, write down your patient’s questions and concerns. After the call, send your patient an e-mail clarifying some of these. This way, you help them improve treatment recall. Assessing the patient’s understanding is more important than ever, as changes in care method can produce stress. Frequently ask how they feel or what they think about decisions in order to design a plan together and define the next steps.

5. Be authentic

We recommend that you regularly practice these tips so that you can leave your nerves behind and be yourself —that’s what makes others feel comfortable with you! Remember: When a patient calls you, they are looking for human warmth. Make sure you give them the quality care that characterizes you as a professional and a person.
Extra tip. Remove negative reviews.

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An estimated 84% of consumers trust online reviews when choosing a healthcare provider.

Apply these tips to your care routine and you will immediately notice a positive change in the attitude of your patients. If they feel satisfied with the teleconsultation, it will be much easier for you to avoid a negative review.

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