It can take years to build a reputation but only seconds to destroy one

What We Do

At, our primary mission is to completely and permanently remove online negative reviews.

Our Guarantee

We offer a guaranteed removal of reviews before we invoice you for payment or collect any fee from you.
  • We are so confident in our abilities and our extensive record of success that you, our client, do not even pay us until after the review is deleted. Although our success rate is extremely high, we can’t assure that every negative review can be taken down. A small percentage can’t and we don’t expect you to pay for something until or unless it’s achieved.
  • Once removed, we do require immediate payment as we have committed our resources in trust that our customers will pay timely. As much as we’d like to, we can’t guarantee removals of negative reviews in 100% of cases but we can guarantee that unless we do, we don’t get paid.
When Do We Remove The Post

Despite our great success rate, we can't predict the time it will take for your review(s) to get removed, nor we can even guarantee they will be taken down. However, we guarantee that you will not pay unless we are successful in deleting the review(s). The time it takes us for the removal varies depending on the platform where the review is posted, the nature of the review itself, the content, and who may have posted it. A review may only take only a day or two to remove or it sometimes it can take several weeks. We are relentless in our efforts and our team utilizes different techniques and strategies, working to always find the one that leads to success.


Revenue increases for every one star increase in the ratings as per Harvard Business Review


Potential customers are expected to be lost due to negative reviews in Google Searches.


Shoppers specifically seek negative reviews.


Consumers won’t choose a retailer with less than 3 stars.


Consumers would consider using a business with less than 4 stars.


Consumers will not buy after reading just one negative review. After 3, the number jumps to 59%


Consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020.


Customers is what a single negative review will cost you


Consumers used the internet to find local businesses. 34% searched every day.


More spent on the business with excellent reviews by the customers.


Consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


Consumers say positive reviews make them more likely to use that business.

Where We Are

We are a 100% U.S. owned and based company, providing our premium services to you. Although we can service accounts from around the world, our primary focus is in the United States, Canada, and Australia. If you are outside the United States, Canada, and Australia, please go to our Contact Us link, where we may evaluate requests for other countries.

Who We Are was founded by a U.S. trial attorney who had multiple clients in his law firm who were unfairly reviewed or defamed online. Through this, he came to understand and learn how unfair the Online Review Process often was.

As a result, the idea was born to create We are not a law firm but a private company that provides businesses the opportunity to eliminate the harmful, defamatory, inaccurate, and unfair reviews that appear against them online. Although our primary focus is on removing bad reviews, other Online Reputation Management services (ORM) are offered as well. Please fill out our Contact Us link to inquire, so we may let you know if we can help regarding additional services you may need.

On Your Side:

Unfair reviews are devastating to the reputation and finances of hard-working and dedicated people and their businesses. With little or no ability to counter such reviews and with the near impossibility of communicating your position to an unfeeling, uncaring, and distant online review platform, is here for you. We know what to do, how to convey what is needed, and understand how important it is for you to have your voice heard.

Medical & Healthcare


Restaurants and Bars

Real Estate Services

Beauty & Health




Service Industries


Why Is Needed By You

A good or bad review or rating for your business can mean the difference between extra or lost profits; even the success or failure of your business. As most businesses have discovered, before coming to us, it can be extremely difficult and almost impossible to remove Google reviews that are negative or other such bad reviews from almost all other ratings and review platforms. Your reasons or justifications, no matter how valid or correct, rarely seem to matter to them, or that you have been the victim of a fake, untrue, or incorrect review.

Businesses and the public have come to realize that to remove bad Google reviews, or to remove negative reviews from other platforms can be as difficult to do as it is harmful to their business and reputation for them to remain. Among the top concerns and frustrations of businesses today are how to delete a Google review; how to remove negative Yelp reviews; how to remove negative Glassdoor reviews from a disgruntled former employee; or how to remove negative reviews from Google search results or from other sites. With only the click of a button, one’s business can be crippled or destroyed by negative online reviews, regardless of how unfair, inaccurate, or inappropriate they are. specializes in the complete removal of such harmful and defamatory reviews and is the solution that so many businesses, large and small, have needed.

Because of Google’s great dominance, its incredible success, and the online search positioning it controls, the question of how to remove Google reviews is our most requested service. We know how to get a bad Google review removed. For us, it’s not just how to remove negative reviews on Google. It is also how to delete negative reviews that appear elsewhere, such as how to remove a bad review on Facebook, Tripadvisor, Vitals, Avvo, Rate Mds, Glassdoor, Yellowpages, Indeed, Healthgrades, RealSelf, Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Justia,, and numerous others. How to remove negative reviews from Glassdoor may be as important to one business as how to remove a negative TripAdvisor review may be to another as is how to remove a bad Google review is to yet another.

For doctors, dentists, and those in the healthcare field their primary concern may be Vitals, Healthgrades, and RealSelf. For travel or hotels, it may be Tripadvisor. For restaurants, Yelp is often the most significant site. How to get rid of bad Yelp reviews that are unfair, fake, or inaccurate being among the most common complaints and frustrations we hear from restaurants. How to remove bad reviews from Yelp is especially difficult and challenging, but we have found success. How to delete negative reviews, but also how to remove negative information from the internet regarding these various site reviews, is what we do.

It’s often stated that one’s reputation is their most important asset. Protect yours today with

How We Do It

We utilize a variety of legitimate measures to remove bad reviews from the internet. We know how to get rid of bad reviews and only employ valid and appropriate means to do so. The content is ultimately being removed by the host or publishing website, voluntarily and willingly, as a result of our efforts. We do not hack! We do not bribe! Some of what we do is understand and master the Terms and Conditions of the various sites, learn their algorithms so we know how to “speak” to their computers and software, ascertain what is violative of their policies, detect fraud, seek out competitors fake reviews, and uncover illegitimate posts. Since it is the host company itself that ultimately takes the review down, this all the more supports the legitimacy of our efforts.

It typically takes between 3 days and 60 days for a removal. However, sometimes we literally have reviews removed the day we’re hired and other times it can take more weeks. Although our success rate is remarkable, there are no guarantees that every requested removal will be successful. We are so confident in our abilities that we seek no fee or payment until the removal occurs. We promote that our average success rate is approximately 65%, depending on the platform, although it is frequently much higher.

Each removal request is evaluated on an individual basis so we may assess the most successful approach to utilize in deleting a bad online review. Developing, submitting, and supervising the application, sometimes repeatedly, may include negotiation and dispute resolution approaches that are routinely part of our protocol. These efforts can be extremely time-consuming but often can be quickly, effectively, and efficiently employed in our efforts to remove your negative online review. If you have already attempted to have the review removed on your own and were unsuccessful, it can make it more of a challenge for us so please advise us if you have attempted to do so. Knowing how to remove negative reviews from Google search results, among others, requires a unique skill and knowledge which we have developed.

Our 3 Step Process

We don’t merely suppress negative search results. We literally permanently remove negative reviews and negative online content.

...and you don’t pay us until we do

1 Request a Service


Fill out the Removal Request Form and Authority to Proceed.

2 Content Removal


Once we have authorization, we begin our removal efforts.

3 When You Pay

Payment is made to us only after removal is confirmed.

Pricing And Packages

The following packages are available to our customers for complete removal and deletion of bad or negative reviews which have been posted on a Review Rating Platform against your business. We can remove and delete 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star, and even 4 Star reviews upon your request.

You will only be charged for the lower price from the package you ordered, even if we only delete or remove fewer than requested. Please see the Example below:


An example would be that you requested 13 reviews to be removed. This would be Category D below and the cost would be $700 per review. In the event we were only successful in removing 10 out of the 13 reviews, which would otherwise be in the Category C, $750 per review removal package (6-10), you would still only be charged the original $700 as that was the category price that you requested. You will only be charged the price from the package you selected.

At the cost to remove negative reviews is extremely competitive. We are affordable, fair, legitimate, skilled, and trustworthy as no payment is required until and unless the performance is completed.

Choose Your Package
  • Package A

    1 Removal

    $895 / Review

  • Package B

    2-5 Removals

    $795 / Review

  • Package C

    6-10 Removals

    $750 / Review

  • Package D

    11-25 Removals

    $700 / Review

  • Package E

    26-99 Removals

    $650 / Review

  • Package F

    100+ Removals

    $595 / Review


Everyone seeks to add positive reviews but it can be extremely difficult to positively impact review ratings only with them. A negative review can plummet a review rating far more quickly than a positive one can raise one. Securing positive reviews can be time consuming, frustrating, costly, and ineffective. Significantly, once a certain number of reviews are posted, it becomes extremely difficult to move the needle upward by adding new positive reviews. Mathematically, at times it’s almost impossible. Conversely, removing bad reviews not only eliminates the taint of negativity but it can often quickly, efficiently, and dramatically turn your ratings review average higher. That means a better online reputation for your company which translates into more profits.

The removal of bad or negative reviews is among the most cost effective marketing tools a business can employ. Let’s look at some examples that simply and easily mathematically confirm the winner when it comes to removing negative reviews versus the addition of positive ones.

The Math Doesn’t Lie

We’ve even added an online ratings calculator for you to experiment with and assist you with any calculations. We’ve also provided a sampling of different scenarios below to help better illustrate how truly effective removal is as compared to trying to add enough positive new reviews to make a difference.

Example One


  • Total Number of Reviews: 24
  • Total Number of 1 Star Reviews: 4
  • Total Number of 5 Star Reviews: 20
  • REMOVAL OF 2 One Star NEGATIVE REVIEWS = 4.6 (4.636)
  • REMOVAL OF 3 One Star NEGATIVE REVIEWS = 4.8 (4.809)


  • ADDITION OF 20 Five Star POSITIVE REVIEWS = 4.6 (4.636)
  • ADDITION OF 60 Five Star POSITIVE REVIEWS = 4.8 (4.809)

Example Two


  • Total Number of Reviews: 150
  • Total Number of 1 Star Reviews: 25
  • Total Number of 2 Star Reviews: 7
  • Total Number of 3 Star Reviews: 8
  • Total Number of 4 Star Reviews: 9
  • Total Number of 5 Star Reviews: 101
  • OVERALL REVIEW RATING: 4.5 (4.453)


  • ADDITION OF 117 Five Star POSITIVE REVIEWS = 4.5 (4.453)

Example Three


  • Total Number of Reviews: 735
  • Total Number of 1 Star Reviews: 89
  • Total Number of 2 Star Reviews: 93
  • Total Number of 3 Star Reviews: 98
  • Total Number of 4 Star Reviews: 165
  • Total Number of 5 Star Reviews: 290
  • OVERALL REVIEW RATING: 4.1 (4.063)


  • ADDITION OF 328 Five Star POSITIVE REVIEWS = 4.1 (4.063)

Example Four


  • Total Number of Reviews: 11
  • Total Number of 1 Star Reviews: 6
  • Total Number of 5 Star Reviews: 5
  • REMOVAL OF 4 One Star NEGATIVE REVIEWS = 3.9 (3.857)
  • REMOVAL OF 5 One Star NEGATIVE REVIEWS = 4.3 (4.333)


  • ADDITION OF 10 Five Star POSITIVE REVIEWS = 3.9 (3.857)
  • ADDITION OF 25 Five Star POSITIVE REVIEWS = 4.3 (4.333)

Example Five


  • Total Number of Reviews: 473
  • Total Number of 1 Star Reviews: 4
  • Total Number of 2 Star Reviews: 1
  • Total Number of 3 Star Reviews: 3
  • Total Number of 4 Star Reviews: 7
  • Total Number of 5 Star Reviews: 458
  • and 1 Three Star NEGATIVE REVIEW = 5.0 (4.953)
  • REMOVAL OF 3 One Star NEGATIVE REVIEWS = 5.0 (4.961)


  • ADDITION OF 210 Five Star POSITIVE REVIEWS = 5.0 (4.953)
  • ADDITION OF 355 Five Star POSITIVE REVIEWS = 5.0 (4.961)

Example Six


  • Total Number of Reviews: 1466
  • Total Number of 1 Star Reviews: 94
  • Total Number of 2 Star Reviews: 66
  • Total Number of 3 Star Reviews: 89
  • Total Number of 4 Star Reviews: 249
  • Total Number of 5 Star Reviews: 978
  • REMOVAL OF 60 One Star NEGATIVE REVIEWS = 4.5 (4.462)


  • ADDITION OF 386 Five Star POSITIVE REVIEWS = 4.5 (4.462)

Customers Success Stories and Recommendations

All testimonials and recommendations are authentic, true, and accurate. The specific identity of each business is with held out of respect for the confidentiality of our clients.

Dermatology Office

Law Firm

Car Dealer


Plastic Surgery Office


We do not publicly disclose the identity of our clients unless you choose to have us do so. We recognize how having bad online reviews removed can be misinterpreted by some, even though all you are doing is having the impermissible ones removed by the hosting website because of violations, improper, or impermissible posts.


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