Nowadays, purchasing products or services online is as easy and satisfying as having a cup of coffee in the morning, especially since the advent of COVID-19. This change in the way we shop has led to online reviews becoming the new standard by which consumers judge a brand.

The problem begins when a business receives unfair negative reviews on platforms like Google My Business. It may be because of an overly aggressive customer or a former employee who wants to ruin the business’s reputation. These bad reviews can turn into lost customers and money, tarnished reputations, and even legal investigations.

Google is the world’s largest online platform. It’s much more than a search engine: it includes messaging, file management, and online review services. If you don’t start actively managing your online reputation on Google, you’re in trouble.

1. It’s easy if you hire professional help

If a single bad review can destroy the reputation of a business, one would expect Google to have some protection against these attacks or at least allow users to remove unfair reviews, but it does not. Google does not allow you to hide or delete negative comments, no matter how unfair, damaging, or defamatory they are. At least, not openly.

There are completely legal ways to permanently delete a review, but the process is time-consuming and difficult. In addition, the results are not 100% certain, which can be very frustrating. Luckily for you we specialize in bad review removal from Google and other review directories!

We are so confident in what we do that we don’t charge a penny until the comment has been permanently removed from your profile.

2. Even removing a single review can boost your online score

Math doesn’t lie, so we’ll let the data speak for us. Here are some examples based on real experiences:

A Google My Business profile with 43 reviews in total, of which eight are 1-star and 35 are 5-star, has an average rating of 4.3 stars (rounded from 4.2558). See what happens if we remove some of the Google negative reviews.

  • Removal of Four 1-Star Negative Reviews = 4.6 (4.5897)
  • Removal of Six 1-Star Negative Reviews = 4.8 (4.7838)

The rating went through the roof to almost 5 stars after removing 6 reviews!

Do you think that increasing the number of positive reviews will have the same effect as removing negative ones?

  • Addition of Four 1-Star Positive Reviews = 4.3 (4.3191)
  • Addition of Six 1-Star Positive Reviews = 4.3 (4.3469)

As you can see, the review rating does not move significantly after adding 5-star reviews. In fact, it would require adding many more 5-star reviews (with no additional lower ones) to reach the same result we obtained when removing the reviews in the first scenario:

  • Addition of Thirty-Four 5-Star Positive Reviews = 4.6 (4.5844)
  • Addition of 105 5-Star Positive Reviews = 4.8 (4.7838)

In short, it takes 105 5-star reviews to achieve the same results as the removal of six 1-star reviews! Removing negative reviews is the most cost-effective way to maintain a good online score. It’s much easier to improve your Google rating by removing negative reviews than to get the required number of perfect ratings to obtain the same result. Not only that, but if you try to achieve the higher rating by adding perfect reviews, the negative and defamatory comments will stay on your profile for everyone to read! These comments can, and will, negatively impact your business.

At, our removal team has a historical success rate of 70-80% on Google. This means that, for the business in this example, we would be likely to remove six of the eight negative reviews, and boost the Google review rating from 4.3 stars (4.2558) to a 4.8 (4.7838).

Want to know how the removal of a negative Google review will affect your score? Use our rating calculator!

3. It also improves your income.

It sounds incredible, but Harvard Business Review has shown that businesses can increase their revenue by up to 5% for every star in a standard 5-star rating. This is because 97% of today’s consumers analyze a brand’s reviews before purchasing a product or service and it is estimated that one negative review can cause you to lose up to 30 customers on average.

Taking control of your Google reviews can do a lot for your business. Use the form at the bottom of the page and contact us to start seeing the changes today!

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